The Zetros in the Public Service Sector

The Zetros combines off-road capabilities, a high payload capacity and robust technology to produce a cutting-edge truck concept.
With its low seating position behind the front axle, the Zetros offers a clear overview of the entire working area.

Designed for off-road applications

The Zetros is ideally equipped to handle even the most extreme ground conditions. Its superior off-road concept is based on the perfect interaction of high-performance chassis components – to ensure rapid, safe driving on a wide range of surfaces. Outstanding traction is complemented by superb mobility thanks to its CBE concept and balanced axle-load distribution.

  • Balanced weight distribution and optimum centre of gravity ensure high-stability low-noise handling
  • Permanent AWD delivers superb traction and smooth power delivery
  • Planetary axles with differential locks
  • Dual-stage transfer case with differential lock and 1:1.69 off-road ratio for increased tractive power in extreme conditions
  • Inclines up to 70% possible without difficulty
  • Low-maintenance, high-reliability drum brakes
  • Fording capability of 800 mm (standard specification) and up to 1190 mm (with conversion)
  • Tyre pressure control system (ex factory)
  • Single tyres and generous ground clearance
  • Torsionally flexible frame with 2 x 500 mm axle articulation (diagonal)
  • Reinforced frame for high load capacity and great flexibility when selecting a vehicle body


The concept behind outstanding efficiency

The Zetros delivers year-round operation. Delivering a generously proportioned three-seater cab, plenty of stowage space, as well as a highly efficient swap-body concept for hook lifts, the Zetros is equal to all transport tasks.

  • The 3-seater climate-controlled cab without engine tunnel comfortably accommodates 3 people
  • Quick and easy entry/exit on the safe side
  • Equipment swap-body system for crane/tipper bodies is suitable for a wide range of applications in the public service sector
  • Winter service equipment ex factory (front mounting plate, dual-circuit 2/4-cell hydraulic system, auxiliary water heater)
  • 18 or 27 t perm. GVW

Commercial vehicle expertise "Made in Germany"

The name Mercedes-Benz has been associated with premium-quality specialist commercial vehicles for more than 110 years.
At Mercedes-Benz Trucks we are proud of our heritage. The standards we set reflect our commitment to the Mercedes Star. We also apply these standards to the Zetros, which is built in Wörth, the world's largest truck manufacturing plant. The Zetros is a proud part of a future-oriented design concept that builds on long-established chassis/drive system technology from the Mercedes-Benz truck range. We take an uncompromising approach to delivering quality and reliability across the board. Our primary objective is to ensure maximum availability of customer vehicles, both now and in the future. "Trucks you can trust" is the maxim that extends across all divisions of the company – from Development to Production, from Sales to Workshop Service. You too can invest in the future.

Take advantage of:

  • Over 110 years' experience with specialist commercial vehicles
  • Extensive off-road know-how built up over decades
  • Chassis and drive system technology proven in more than a million vehicles
  • Quality "Made in Germany"

Service from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Industry solutions and limitless quality

We are at your service worldwide. With as many services as you want – and always precisely the service you require. More than 1750 service outlets are at your disposal, many of which stay open until 10 p.m. or midnight. Some are even open round the clock. And you can count on the assistance of Mercedes-Benz Service24h, day and night. If you prefer the peace of mind that comes with cashless processing, why not use the MercedesServiceCard? Daimler Financial Services  will be happy to help if you have any questions or comments on leasing, financing or insurance. Take advantage of thousands of Mercedes-Benz employees, who will be happy to help.

Optimum ergonomic balance and intuitive operating concept

The Zetros meets the highest ergonomic standards and delivers outstanding ease of use. The position of the driver's cab minimises the impact of bumps/jolts and the self-movement of the cab. Such outstanding driving comfort makes life a lot easier for the driver and co-driver. The generously proportioned Zetros cockpit offers plenty of legroom and an optimum layout of control elements and displays. And the inclusion of the trusted Atego/Axor cockpit ensures safe and simple operation.

A further highlight is the optional climate-control cab without an engine tunnel. It offers plenty of stowage space, complete through-cab access and full-size seats for up to three people.

Excellent visibility and maximum design clarity round off the overall ergonomic concept.

Developed systematically from the driver's perspective

  • Spacious steel-construction cab with three-point rubber mount
    Ergonomically configured controls as used in the Mercedes-Benz high-volume production range (Atego/Axor)
    Steering wheel adjustable in angle and height
    Omission of engine tunnel ensures full through-cab access and plenty of legroom
    Three full-size individual seats with integrated 3-point seat belts (centre seat optional)
    Generous stowage space, including numerous shelves
    Outstanding off-road capabilities reduce the driver's workload
    Safe, driver-friendly operation
  • Reduced training outlay due to controls matching Atego/Axor
  • Simple interior design, easy to clean

Easy service

  • Engine bonnet easy to open without tilting cab, enabling occupants/equipment to remain in the cab
  • Fold-down exit step, including non-slip surfaces and grab handles, e.g. for easy windscreen cleaning

Off-road protection

  • Excellent protection against external impact
  • Protection grills on front headlamps
  • Fold-down rear underride protection
  • Radiator underride protection
  • Protective grille on tail lights (optional)

Low height

  • Easy, safe entry/exit
  • Ideally suited to negotiating low clearances
  • Crane or special-purpose bodies can be mounted along entire vehicle length

Clarity of design

  • Excellent all-round vision thanks to electrically adjustable exterior mirrors (heated on co-driver side)
  • Heated wide-angle mirror (driver side) and kerb mirror (co-driver side) to increase driving safety and protect other road users
  • Rear window and heated windscreen available as options

Climate Control & Ventilation

  • High-performance heating/ventilation system with optional air conditioner
  • Auxiliary water heater available as an option
  • Optional additional heat insulation on cab rear wall

Electrical system

  • Pre-installation for additional 24 V devices in the cab
  • Individual installation of additional electrical devices
  • 15-pin trailer power socket for trailers/semi-trailers with 24 V on-board power supply (and many more highlights)

Engine, Transmission and Axles

High performance in off-road applications

At the heart of the Zetros drive system is a straight-six engine with charge-air cooling (OM 926 LA). Featuring BlueTEC technology, it is environmentally compatible and compliant with the Euro 5* emissions standard. This compact, lightweight turbo-diesel engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres delivers 240 kW and achieves a maximum torque rating of 1300 Nm at engine speeds from 1200 to 1600 rpm.

Optimum power transmission off-road

The hydraulic Mercedes-Benz G 131 transmission system ensures precisely metered power transmission. With 8 forward gears and a low-geared crawler gear, it delivers optimum performance on even the most challenging terrain.

High tractive power with a 1:1.69 off-road ratio

The dual-stage transfer case with a 1:1.69 off-road ratio further increases tractive power in extreme conditions – by around 70%.

More power automatically

The optional six-stage Allison automatic transmission with torque converter boosts operating safety by delivering smooth gear changes without interrupting tractive power. This means that the driver's hands stay safely on the steering wheel. The system also prevents incorrect gear selection and dispenses with clutch operation on soft ground.

Maximum power to all wheels

Featuring permanent all-wheel drive, the Zetros is ideally suited to applications on heavy terrain. Its outstanding on-road capabilities include high handling/directional stability as well as maximum traction. The off-road ratio is manually selectable when the vehicle is stationary.

Inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks for supreme off-road performance

The switchable mechanical differential locks at the front/rear axles and in the transfer case are all part of the powertrain. The standard-specification inter-axle and inter-wheel differential locks prevent individual wheels from spinning when driving off-road – providing tractive force on even the most difficult terrain.

On track when off-road

The planetary axles with high load capacity have a maximum axle load of 7.5 t (optionally also 9 t) on the front axle and 9 t on the rear axle and can tackle every challenge.


Reinforced frame

Optimum framework conditions for off-road assignments. Based on the straight frame of the Actros construction vehicle, a robust and durable ladder-type frame with open C-section longitudinal members and bolted C-section transversal members was designed. Interior reinforcements ensure maximum load-bearing capability. The frame is torsionally flexible with 2 x 500 mm axle articulation (diagonal). The frame head was also designed to enable attachment of equipment, and for towing or lifting the vehicle. And the frame concept enables a high degree of flexibility for mounting body assemblies.

Large tyres for high ground clearance

The Zetros is equipped as standard with 14.00 R20 tyres. Single tyres secure additional traction and boost ground clearance. Other options are available (including the 395/85 R20). Twin tyres (315/80 R22.5) are available for 4x4 models and 385/65 R22.5 tyres are available for special-purpose applications on the front axle.

The fully functional spare tyre is located securely in a space-saving position under the frame. It does not affect the vehicle's ramp angle or its ground clearance. It can be removed and replaced easily using the spare wheel jack.

Specially designed for off-road applications

The Zetros boasts special spring damper tuning to deliver superior handling every time. The robust chassis is specially configured for off-road applications. Long suspension travel, shock absorbers and stabilisers ensure high driving comfort and optimum off-road capabilities. Parabolic springs are responsible for axle suspension. Different variants are available to suit different axle loads.

Easy steering

Standard specification: ZF 8098 hydraulic single-circuit power steering system with a high operating pressure of up to 150 bar. The hydraulic system is ventilated automatically and the steering column is adjustable. This enables comfortable, fatigue-proof Zetros operation.

Capable of manoeuvring in deep water

The high position of the air intake and ventilation systems above the cab and its headlamps with fording capability equips the Zetros to tackle fording depths of up to 800 mm (standard-specification vehicle). A fording depth of 1190 mm is possible with the relevant conversion (special equipment)

Tyre pressure control system

The tyre pressure control system is available ex-factory. It allows you to adapt the tyre pressure to ground conditions at the push of a button. A larger tyre contact surface and lower ground pressure boost traction and reduce sinking on loose surfaces (e.g. sand).

The Zetros in the Energy Sector

"When there is no road available, take the direct route"

The Zetros combines uncompromising off-road performance with high payloads. Thanks to robust technology and exceptional reliability, it is ideally suited to even the most extreme applications. The perfect commercial vehicle for off-road operation, the Zetros is equal to the biggest challenges in the energy sector – from surface mining to exploration work and building/repairing power networks.

The balanced weight distribution of the state-of-the-art CBE concept provides hours of comfortable off-road driving. High-volume 14.00 R20 tyres ensure a floor clearance of up to 428 mm under the front differential. The optional six-stage Allison automatic transmission with torque converter guarantees smooth gear changes without interrupting tractive power.

The low position of the cab allows attachment of body assemblies such as lifting work platforms or drilling equipment across the entire vehicle length. The Zetros also offers numerous equipment options for special-purpose assemblies. With a permitted GVW of 18 or 27 tonnes, it is ideally suited to off-road transport tasks. It can also be deployed as a workshop vehicle – with crane and tipper functions – or as a supply vehicle.

Zetros in Fire ns Rescue

 Nature can strike in seconds. Mud slides can cut off houses and whole communities from the outside world. An earthquake can wipe out whole regions in seconds. Flooding can threaten livelihoods. Forest fires can destroy villages and towns. A tsunami can wreak havoc on vast swathes of land. Tornados can destroy a region’s infrastructure. When every second counts, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are the vehicles of choice for fire services, police forces, technical support agencies, communities and organisations throughout the world.

The Zetros in Agriculture

"A new dimension of agricultural logistics"

The Zetros is ideally equipped to meet the challenges of agricultural harvesting and increasingly lengthy transport routes. Thanks to its excellent off-road capabilities and on-road compatibility comparable with truck performance, the Zetros completes agricultural transport tasks quickly, reliably and, above all, highly economically.

The innovative technology concept of the Zetros delivers superior performance both on the road and off it. Reliable and comfortable power delivery on all surfaces is provided by permanent AWD, a dual-stage transfer case, fully automatic torque converter transmission, traction tyres and an optional tyre pressure control system. The vehicle also ensures optimum ground protection.

Back on the road, the Zetros puts its strengths to excellent use. Secure and comfortable ride characteristics combined with a generously proportioned cab and ergonomically positioned controls are ideal conditions for travelling at above-average speeds and delivering efficient, economical transport – even over longer distances. And electronic limiting of the top speed to 60 km/h means that the Zetros can also be driven with driving licence category T (agricultural and forestry vehicles).